Connected Women

Bringing Opportunities Home

Connected Women provides online skills development and remote work opportunities for women. The same highly-skilled affordable talent that global companies require in their businesses.

Connected Women brings clients the opportunities to access a reliable tech workforce, trained and right-sized for their business needs.

So that you can deliver better output for your customers, become more profitable, and bring home success for your business.

And all this is possible without taking the women away from where they want to be. Right in their homes.

For decades, we’ve seen millions of Filipino women unable to find work unless they leave the country, leaving behind their families for a better future.

And even if they stay to work in our congested cities,they lose hours in daily traffic. But as technology continues to change how we live and work, finding that future doesn’t require job seekers to leave behind the very people they’re earning a living for.

Driven by the belief that work shouldn’t be a sacrifice but an opportunity, Connected Women brings training and jobs to women in their homes.

Where they are able to work and earn decent pay, while still be present and able to care for their families.

Our Partners and Clients


Connected Women is proud to be recognised for creating meaningful progress towards achieving the sustainable development goals: 2021 Finalist – ITU Digital World 2021 SME Awards (Geneva), 2020 Finalist – COVID-19 Action, UN Women, WEPs Awards (Philippines), 2019 Champion for e-Employment – WSIS (Geneva), 2019 Finalist – RSA Future Work Awards (UK), 2018 Finalist – MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (ASIA).